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The CTSJ Journal offers a transformative space for undergraduate students to engage critical theory in the pursuit of social justice. Undergraduate students are uniquely poised to propel new ideas: critiquing, engaging, and creating new spaces of intellectual thought and activism while building upon a rich history of criticism and political action. Critical theory is an innovative, diverse body of responsive theories, capable of advancing social justice as a commitment to exposing and ending social inequalities. Engaging multiple axes of identity and expanding innovative theory, such as Bataille’s radical definition of Transgression or Ngai’s imaginative aesthetic theory, our Journal advances transdisciplinary essays and artwork that do not fall for shallow solutions or terminal truths. Our Journal extends this work in the visual power of art, a secondary space beyond the boundaries of language. In the profound and everyday, we find novel opportunities for theory and political exploration. The Journal believes that an undergraduate student should not be a passive recipient of knowledge, but an active producer of critical thought; their research and methods are capable of producing original juxtapositions and transgressing the boundaries of staid research. It is our hope that the essays, art, and interventions found within our journal will foster an exchange of ideas across disciplines to deepen understandings of systems of injustice.


Lead Faculty Editor

G.A.E. Griffin

Faculty Editors

Mary Christianakis
H. N. Lukes
Donna Maeda

Managing Editor

Venitia Boyce '19

Lead Student Editor

Sam Clendenning '18


Chelsea Blair '18
Will Dean '18
Marcus Forbes '18
Julian Halpern '20
Marshall Meyer '18
Dalia Quezada ' 20
Skye Reed '20
Hope Roehrs '20
Gabrielle Seiwert '18
Karim Sharif '18
James Wronoski '18
Margaux Ziss '18

Art Editors

Haelan Nunn '19
Olivia Tenney '19

Social Media Coordinator

Bex King ‘18

Lead Poetry Editor

Ariadne Makridakis '20

Graduate Advising Editors

Tania Flores 2013
Zachary Ehmann 2014
Michelle DiBattiste 2015
Ashley Ajayi 2015
Tim Lewis 2017

Copy Editor

Karen DeVivo

Graphic Designer

Katya Tepper

External Peer Reviewers

Peter Lee 2017 City University of Brooklyn College
Matthew Filpi 2017 Gonzaga University
Justin Cajanding 2019 Stanford University