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Helminths of the Bullfrog, Rana catesbeiana (Ranidae) , in California with Revisions to the California Anuran Helminth List





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Thirty-one bullfrogs, Rana catesbeiana, from northern California were examined for helminths. Gravid individuals representing three species of Trematoda, Glypthelmins quieta, Haematoloechus longiplexus and Megalodiscus temperatus; one species of Cestoda, Ophiotaenia magna; and three species of Nematoda, Cosmocercoides variabilis, Falcaustra catesbeianae and Oswaldocruzia pipiens were found. Larvae representing three species of Nematoda, Contracaecum sp., Eustrongylides sp., and Physaloptera sp. were also found. Rana catesbeiana is parasitized by generalist helminths that occur in other frogs and have previously been found in R. catesbeiana in other parts of North America. This is the first report of Falcaustra catesbeianae, Contracaecum sp. and Eustrongylides sp. from California anurans. The helminth host list for California anurans is revised.