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Commented Checklist of the Polychaetes (Annelida: Polychaeta) from Areas Adjacent to Islands of the Mexican Pacific and Gulf of California





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The systematic list of the benthic polychaetes from areas adjacent to the main islands of the Mexican Pacific is herein presented. A total of 1375 specimens were analyzed from 96 species and 29 families; the specimens were collected from soft bottoms around Tiburon, Del Carmen and Maria Madre is- lands, and from dead coral substrates from Socorro Island. All previous records of Annelid Polychaetes from the study area were also included; 348 species are now recorded from 36 islands in the Mexican Pacific. The highest number of species is recorded from Espiritu Santo Island (56 species) in the region of the Gulf of California and Maria Madre and Socorro islands (69 and 70 species) in the central Mexican Pacific.