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Effects of Varying Temperature and Salinities on Settlement, Growth, and Reproduction of the Wood-Boring Pelecypod, Lyrodus pedicellatus





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The larvae and adults of the wood-boring pelecypod, Lyrodus pedicellatus, were subjected to various conditions of temperature and reduced salinity under laboratory conditions. The effects of reduced salinity on the larvae were studied at 9-11 C, 14-16 C, and 22-24 C, and for the adults at 14-16 C and 22-24 C. Optimum activity for the larvae was found to be above 25% and from 14 to 24 C. The minimum temperature and salinity levels for larval boring were 12-14 C and 20%. The long term minimum requirements for survival of adult L. pedicellatus was near 22-25% and about 11 C. Reproduction occurred above 28.8% in the temperature range of 14 to 24 C.