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A Contribution to the Life History of a Small Rattail Fish, Coryphaenoides carapinus





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The North Atlantic macrourid Coryphaenoides (Lionurus) carapinus lives between about 1200 and 2800 m off southern New England, with greatest abundance of about 2.4 individuals/ 1000 m- in the transition zone from slope to rise. Larger individuals, mostly female, tend to live at greater depths. Winter spawning is indicated, with 50,000 to 220,000 0.5-mm eggs being produced per female. Eighty-four of 108 stomachs examined contained food. Benthic invertebrates were most important in the diet, and there was little change in food with growth. The fish feeds selectively on the ophiuroid Ophiura ljungmuni. The subgenera Nematonurus, Chalinura, and Lionurus of Coryphaenoides seem to occupy overlapping yet distinct adaptive zones, with different prey and foraging area imporlant considerations.