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A Small Herpetofauna from the Late Pleistocene of Newport Beach Mesa, Orange County, California





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A Late Pleistocene herpetofauna consisting of Hyla regilla, Bufo boreas, Rana aurora, Aneides lugubris, Thamnophis, Lampropeltis getulus, Masticophis flagellum, and Crotalus viridis has been identified from Newport Beach Mesa, Orange County, California. Aneides lugubris is reported as a fossil for the first time. Corrections and further identifications have been made on fossil herpetofaunas from two other Orange County localities. These faunas suggest post-LaBrean changes in the coastal Orange County vegetation from chaparral and live-oak woodland with riparian woodlands to that of coastal sage scrub with sycamore woodlands. Subsequently the sycamore riparian community receded into the nearby Santa Ana Mountains leaving coastal sage scrub and intermittent grasslands in coastal Orange County. These communities have subsequently been reduced by increased agriculture and urbanization.