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Recognition of Quaternary Wave Formed Marine Terraces on Santa Catalina Island





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Four previously unconsidered and undescribed terrace locations have been identified as Quaternary wave cut, emergent, marine terraces. The presumption has persisted that there apparently are no identifiable, marine terraces on Santa Catalina Island. This is, in large part, due to the absence of corroborative Pleistocene marine fossil assemblages and the extensive erosion of suspected terrace locations. However, there does exist an abundance of water rounded pebbles and cobbles. These are in relatively distinct concentrations in at least four locations, especially along the western margins of the island. Utilizing the methodology developed by Dodkins and Folk in 1970, the authors determined that the Maximum Projection Sphericities (i//p) of the pebbles and cobbles were generated by wave not fluvial action, thereby establishing them as artifacts from wave cut benches.