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Systematics and Ecology of Benthic Phyllodocidae (Annelida: Polychaeta) off the Columbia River, U.S.A





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The benthic phyllodocid polychaete fauna of the continental shelf off the Columbia River, northern Oregon, and southern Washington, at depths of 11 to 97 m, is reported. Three species of Eteone and one species of Anaitides are newly described. Eteone (Mysta) barbata is newly reported in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. Ranges are extended for Eteone longa, Anaitides hartmanae and Anaitides longipes, the latter two species new to Oregon and Washington; E. longa is new to Oregon. New records are given for Eteone calif ornica and Eulalia levicornuta. The local distribution, including depths and sediment type(s), of each species is summarized. The distributions of all species in the genus Anaitides overlapped, while those of some species in Eteone were relatively segregated. The occurrence of E. longa following the dumping of dredged sediments from the Columbia River mouth is discussed.