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Protochrysomyia howardae from Rancho La Brea, California, Pleistocene, New Junior Synonym of Cochliomyia macellaria (Diptera: Calliphoridae)





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W. D. Pierce (1945) described Protochrysomyia howardae from a series of puparia (Nat. Sci. Mus. Los Angeles Co., Invert. Paleo. [LACMIP] syntypes 3073-3083, 6439-6440) found in the end of a bone fragment of a Pleistocene bird (Teratornis merriami Miller) from the Rancho La Brea asphalt deposits, Los Angeles, California. Pierce asserted that he named the new taxon because ". . . little good work [had] been done in describing the puparia of modern flies/ ' His frustration at not having a comprehensive identification guide is evident, but he did not indicate whether he had consulted specialists with knowledge of calliphorids. That the name P. howardae has stood until now is testimony to the fact that the taxonomy of fossil and recent insects have generally been considered separate disciplines; catalogs of modern insects typically ignore names of fossils, even those based on Pleistocene forms.