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Salt Marsh Algal Mat Composition: Spatial and Temporal Comparisons





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Salt marsh algal mat composition: spatial and temporal comparisons by Joy B. Zedler, Bull. Southern California Acad. Sci., 81(1):41-50. Diatoms, filamentous algae, and green algae form thick algal mats on the soil surface of a southern California salt marsh. Algal composition in four habitats (including three elevations and four marsh vegetation types) differed both spatially and temporally during 1977. Of the most frequently occurring species (32 diatoms, 4 bluegreen algae, and 2 green algae). 37 were non-randomly distributed in space, and 36 were non-random in seasonal occurrence. Shifts in species composition, measured by similarity of the consecutive sampling periods, occurred in spring and fall, with bluegreen algae more frequent in warm seasons and diatoms and green algae more frequent in cool seasons.