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A Multivariate Study of Morphological Variation of the Limpet Notoacmea depicta (Hinds) and its Synonyms Notoacmea gabatella (Berry) and Notoacmea lepisma (Berry) (Gastropoda: Acmaeidae)





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A multivariate study of morphological variation of the limpet Notoacmea depicta (Hinds) and its synonyms Notoacmea gabatella (Berry) and Notoacmea lepisma (Berry) (Gastropoda: Acmaeidae) by David R. Lindberg, Bull. Southern California Acad. Sci., 8 1(2):87-96, 1982. Three nominal species of marine plant limpets from southern California are examined using discriminant function analysis. Two of the species, Notoacmea depicta and N. gabatella had been synonymized earlier based on radular morphology. The results of the discriminant analysis allow for the synonymization oi N. lepisma with N. depicta. The apertural variation seen in the 3 forms of N. depicta appears to be related to the intraspecific variation in the host plant Zostera marina. The oval form of N. depicta is reported and illustrated from Mugu Lagoon, Ventura County. This is a new northern locality record for this form and the first report of its occurrence on Z. marina.