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Primary Production in Grays Harbor Estuary, Washington





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Primary production in Grays Harbor estuary, Washington by Ronald M. Thorn. Bull. Southern California Acad. Sci., 83(2):99-105, 1984. An estimate of annual primary production in Grays Harbor estuary, Washington, is presented. Eelgrass contributed the largest proportion of organic carbon production followed by benthic algae, marsh phanerogams and phytoplankton. The relatively great contribution of benthic microalgae and eelgrass to total estuarine primary production can be explained by the extensive mudflats with and without eelgrass that exist in the seaward parts of the estuary and the high per unit area rates by plants in these habitats. Average annual total primary production in the estuary was estimated to be 2.6 x 105 kgC/km2, which is intermediate between published estimates for Chesapeake Bay (1.4 x 105 kgC/km2) and Nanaimo River estuary, British Columbia (6.8 x 105 kgC/km2).