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Additional Avian Records from the Miocene of Kern County, California with the Description of a New Species of Fulmar (Aves: Procellariidae)





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Additional avian records from the Miocene of Kern County, California with the description of a new species of fulmar (Aves:Procellariidae) by Hildegarde Howard. Bull. Southern California Acad. Sci., 83(2):84-89, 1984. Previously unrecorded avian taxa from the middle Miocene Sharktooth Hill Bonebed in Kern County, California are listed: Fulmarus n. sp., Osteodontornis ?orri, Ciconiidae gen. and sp. to be determined, and Megapaloelodus sp. Fulmarus miocaenus n. sp. is described from a humerus representing a smaller species than F. hammeri, the only other Tertiary fulmar recorded from California. It is also smaller than humeri of Recent species of fulmars and is further distinguished therefrom by a better developed bicipital area and more distally placed ectepicondylar prominence.