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Population Genetics of an Introduced Species: Bairdiella icistius in the Salton Sea





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The bairdiella, Bairdiella icistius (Jordan and Gilbert), in the Salton Sea are the progeny of a successful introduction made in the 1950's. They form a central link in a productive and heavily utilized sportfishery. Genetic variabihty at 56 enzyme and protein loci was studied by means of starch and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Eight loci were polymorphic, and all polymorphic loci were close to Hardy- Weinberg equilibrium. Average heterozygosity per locus was 0.043, which is within the typical range for marine fish species. There appeared to be fewer rare alleles than expected in a population at equilibrium. The Salton Sea habitat is harsh and changing. The amount of genetic variability present in the bairdiella is an indication of the ability of this population to adapt to environ- mental change.