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The Incidence of the Cymothoid Isopod Lironeca calif ornica on Fishes in Campbell Cove, Sonoma County, California





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Observations were made on the infestation of iBishes in Campbell Cove near Bodega Harbor, Sonoma County, California, by the cymothoid isopod, Li- roneca californica. Three of 1 7 species of fishes were found to be hosts for this parasite, including the two most abundant species, Cymatogaster aggregata and Atherinops affinis (28.8% and 3.5% infestations, respectively). This parasite was found only in the opercular cavities of the infested fishes. No correlation was found between the length of the isopod and the standard length of the fish host. In C aggregata, isopods were found more frequently on larger specimens. Larger isopods were found on C aggregata than on A. affinis. In the laboratory, live isopods were observed to infest fish species in addition to those that were infested in the wild.