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Behavioral Ecology of the Banded Rock Lizard (Petrosaurus mearnsi)





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Two populations of Petrosaurus mearnsi were studied in southern San Diego County, California. Home range size calculations found those of females larger than those of males (Jc = 98.5 m 2 , x = 86.5 m 2 ). Home range and obser- vational data suggest that the species does not exhibit the home range defense typical of most iguanid lizards. P. mearnsi, like most southwestern iguanids, exhibits highest activity in late morning during cooler months becoming bimodal during the heat of the summer. Activity patterns of individual lizards were found to be very irregular. Feeding behavior is described and diet analysis confirms the species as being insectivorous, favoring dipteran and hymenopteran prey. Social behavior is examined and note made of the lack of knowledge about reproductive behavior. Some data are presented on growth, survivorship, and reproduction.