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On the Identity of Snapping Shrimp Described and Identified by W. N. Lockington, 1878





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W. N. Lockington (1878) wrote the first key and guide to the snapping shrimp of North America. Many records came from the eastern Pacific Ocean, from California to Panama. His paper includes 10 species recognizable today, one record that probably includes more than one species under the same name, and reports and descriptions of another six species that are unrecognizable or questionable. The five species described as new by Lockington probably are var- iants of species that have been described since 1878; if so, Lockington's species names may be available as senior synonyms. The identities of some of these species are likely to remain uncertain because the original descriptions were brief and without illustrations, the types have been lost and the range of variation within most alpheid species is unknown.