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An Overview of Hepatic Neoplasms, Putatively Preneoplastic Lesions, and Associated Conditions in Fish Sampled during the County Sanitation Districts of Orange County's 1986-1992 Ocean Monitoring Program





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As part of the County Sanitation Districts of Orange County's ocean monitoring program, livers of 705 bigmouth sole Hippoglossina stomata Eigen- mann & Eigenmann, 714 homyhead turbot Pleuronichthys verticalis Jordan & Gilbert, and 806 white croaker Genyonemus lineatus (Ayres) were collected by otter trawl and rig fishing at eight sampling stations between 1986-1992. Histopathological appraisal of these livers revealed highest prevalences of ne- oplasms at the outfall (2.8%), within the ZID or zone of initial dilution, 60 m on either side of the diffuser (2.4%), and at an 18m inshore station, near the mouth of the Santa Ana River (1.8%). Age as a risk factor was significant: 100% of bigmouth sole, 66.6% of homyhead turbot, and 88.9% of white croaker with liver neoplasms exceeded mean standard lengths.