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Survival and Growth of Juvenile Neanthes arenaceodentata (Annelida: Polychaeta) in Marine Sediment Taken from the Vicinity of an Ocean Outfall





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Screened sediments taken from the vicinity of the County Sanitation Districts of Orange County, CaHfomia (Districts) ocean outfall were tested for toxicity to the polychaetous annelid Neanthes arenaceodentata. Survival and growth after exposure to sediments were used as the end points. Experiments subjected juvenile worms (2-3 week, post-emergent) taken from a laboratory inbred pop- ulation, to different test sediments for a 20-day period. Statistical comparisons between results from a test station versus different control sediments and clean seawater control were made. Although there were differences in overall growth between each experiment, individual survival, growth and daily average growth rate, indicated that the sediments from the vicinity outfall were not toxic to Neanthes arenaceodentata.