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Distribution and Taxonomic Remarks for Five Crab Species of the Family Grapsidae (Crustacea: Sesarminae and Varuninae) of the Mexican Pacific





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The present report updates the distribution of Armases magdalenense (Rathbun, 1918), Hemigrapsus oregonensis (Dana 1851) and Goetice americanus Rathbun 1923 along the Baja California coast. Previous records of Tetragrapsus jouyi (Rathbun 1893) to the rocky intertidal of Punta Pelicano, near Puerto Pen- asco, Sonora, are rejected. These were based on misidentifications of specimens of G. americanus. Tetragrapsus jouyi is known from salt marsh areas of Guaymas, Sonora, and Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California (new locality). The presence of Hemigrapsus nudus in the Gulf of California is not confirmed. It undoubtedly occurs on the west coast of the Baja California Peninsula northward to Alaska, U.S.A. An identification key to the Varuninae of the East Pacific is provided.