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Range Extensions, Taxonomic Notes and Zoogeography of Symbiotic Caridean Shrimp of the Tropical Eastern Pacific (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea)





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Range extensions are presented for 14 symbiotic shrimp or obligate invertebrate predators that live with echinoderms, gorgonians, antipatharians or corals. Tulearocaris holthuisi Hipeau-Jacquotte, previously reported from the Indo-Pacific region, is reported for the first time from the eastern Pacific. Host records are given for the first time for Chacella tricornuta Hendrickx and Pseu- docoutierea elegans Holthuis. Harpiliopsis spinigera (Ortmann) co-occurs with H. depressa (Stimpson) in the eastern Pacific. The former has been considered to be a synonym of the latter, but they can be differentiated by morphology and living color. Like the Indo-Pacific region, the tropical eastern Pacific has shrimp that live among corals of the genus Pocillopora and on echinoids and starfishes. Unlike the Caribbean and western Atlantic, there are few species that associate with sea anemones, crinoids or sponges. Species of Chacella and Veleronia are endemic to the eastern Pacific.