Submissions from 1999

Characterization of Coal using FTIR Spectroscopy: Aromaticity and Coal Rank., Jade C. Hermanson

Thermotropic Properties of Dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine Bilayers Shirleen SM Ho and Henry H. Chang , Shirleen SM Ho and Henry H. Chang

Pulsed Laser Deposition of Metal-containing Films on Supported Self-assembled Monolayers., Bryan Jackson

Electrochemistry, Photophysics and Spectroscopy of a New Class of Electron Transfer Quenchers. Crisjoe Joseph & Azam Ahmed , Crisjoe Joseph and Azam Ahmed

Multiple-Electron Transfer Complexes Using Ferrocene Derivatives as Ligands., Koung-Won Kang

The Fight for Khalistan: Sikh Separatism in Punjab, India from 1984-1999., Bianca Karim

Investigation of the phylogenetic relationships of the genus Thunnus using nuclear satellite DNA, Tanaz Kermani

Factors Affecting the Distribution and Abundance of the Orangethroat Pikeblenny, Chaenopsis alepidota., Jennifer Kimura

Electrochemically Triggered Protein Unfolding. Melanie Koch and Esther Moran , Melanie Koch and Esther Moran

Magnetic Stratigraphy of the Upper Miocene Montesano Formation, Olympic Peninsula of Washington: Implications for Miocene Molluscan Biostratigraphy, Jordan N. Lau

Media vs. Reality: Poverty in America., Bradley Leon

Static Properties of the Skyrmion., Calvin Liang

Paleocene Silverado Formation, Orange County, California, Ruben A. Lopez

Horizontal Gene Transfer in the Marine Environment., Erin McClelland

Short-Term Consumption of a Low Protein Diet May Decrease Anxiety in Adult Female Rats., Michael Melendez-Cortez

The Role of Statistics Anxiety in Developing Curriculum for Psychology Statistics and Methods Courses., Elizabeth Morgan

The Impact of Incarceration on African-American Families: A Focus on African-American Women Prisoners., Lanita Morris

Use of E. coli reporter genes to monitor predatory activity by Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus., Rhiannon Morton

Analysis of Somatic Mutation in Transgenic Mice Using the HUG-X Reporter Gene., Jessica Nolin

Synthesis of Enantiopure a,b-Unsaturated Cyanohydrins using Enzyme Technology., Caitlin O'Connor

Regulation of Immunoglobulin Gene Rearrangement by a Chimeric Mouse-Human Transgene., Jenn Pang

Demographic Transformations: A Political Struggle in Compton, Inglewood, and Lynwood., Hector V. Perez-Roman

FTIR Spectroscopy of Heat Treated Sol-Gels., Hung Quach

Magnetic Stratigraphy and Tectonic Rotation of the Lower Miocene Rincon Shale (Saucesian Foraminiferal Stage), Santa Barbara County, California, Stacey Rapp

Analyzing Particle Transport in a Non-Neutral Plasma Trap. Scott Rees and Brenda Carrillo , Scott Rees and Brenda Carrillo

Sonoluminescence: a Star in a Jar., Rachel Romond

Culture Lives on in the Surviving Soul: The Effects of Assimilation on the Preservation of Australian Aboriginal Culture and Identity, Artineh Samkian

FTIR Analysis of Sol-Gel Encapsulated Proteins., Dyna I. Shirasaki

Pathogen Damage in a Tropical Rain Forest: The Effects of Biological and Physical Factors on Pathogen Damage to Virola koschnyi ., Heather A. Snookal

Structure and Dynamics of DNA Condensates at the Solid-Liquid Interface., Karen Stella

A Two-step Method for the Conversion of a.b-Unsaturated Aldehydes into g-Azido-a,b-Unsaturated Nitriles. Sanaz Tafti, Henry Kim & Cullen Tanaguchi , Sanaz Tafti, Henry Kim, and Cullen Tanaguchi

Dynamics of Penta-Hepta Defect in a Hexagonal Pattern, Tammy Tam

Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride Micellization and the Thermodynamics of Aggregation in Aqueous Solution., Shandiz Tehrani

European Defense Integration:The Search for Common Ground., Matthew Tompkins

Finding an Alpha Rejection Factor in 40 torr CS2, Nate Villaume

Reform and Anti-Reform Trends in Russian Politics in 1996-1997, Michael Voronenko

Synthesis of Quinoline-5,8-diones as a Model of PQQ and Its Photochemical Reactivity., Jason Woertink

Community Perspectives of the Los Angeles River, Jean Won

Eagle Rock: Place Memory and Community Cohesion, Jean S. Won

The Revolution before the Revolution., Silva J. Zeneian

The Interactions between Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine and Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride., Lina Zeng

Submissions from 1998

The Development of a Feminist Consciousness in Spain , Monica Boyer-Eickholt

Manuala Garcia and Jose de la Rosa: California Music, Vianey Cano

Hong Kong Women: Professional Feminists?, Melody Chiong

Adolescents' Feelings of Loneliness in Different School Contexts, Natassa Damaskou, Katie Holford, Jaime Perry, Marie Ruiz, and Craig Zebuda

Adolescents' Feelings of Loneliness in Different School Contexts, Natassa Damaskou, Katie Holford, Jaime Perry, Marie Ruiz, and Craig Zebuda

The Irreversibility Line of LuNi2B2C, Charles DeBoer

De Hass van Alphen Measurements of RBe13 Compounds, R = Pr, Th, La, Jason Detwiler

Magnetization Measurements to 60T of UBel3 and PRBel3, Jason Detwiler

Paleomagnetism and Deformation of the Quottoon Pluton, British Columbia, Karen E. Dodson

Magnetostratigraphy of the Lower Miocene Sespe-Vaqueros Formations, Santa Ana Mountains, Orange County, California L.L. Donohoo , L. L. Donohoo

The Dynamic Kingdon Trap, Chad Folse

Taiwanese Democratization and its Effect on the Sino-Taiwan Sovereignty Dispute., Ryan Ginn

CityWalk as Hyperspace, Monica Gomez

Magnetic Stratigraphy of the Eocene-Oligocene Transition in Northwestern Oregon, Karina G. Hankins

Inequality in Public Education Finance Systems: Parental Wealth and the Maintenance of the Social-Class Structure, John Kaiser

Campus Greening, Brad Leon

Paleointensities of Late Miocene Intrusions from Paiute Ridge, Nevada, Eric Libicki

Ion Drift in Multiwire Proportional Chambers, Tohru Ohnuki

Low Temperature, High Magnetic Field Measurements of GdAISi, Rachel Romond

Low Temperature, High Magnetic Field Measurements of GdAISi, Rachel Romond

The City of Compton: The Causes and Effects that Brought on Racial Demographic Change., Leticia LaFawn Sims

A Longitudinal Analysis of Environmental Justice Concerns in Los Angeles, Talia Starkey

A Greener Occidental, Linh Thai

Data Acquisition in the Detection of Dark Matter, Nathaniel Villaume

Radical Islamists Turn Toward Terrorism in Modern Egypt: Causes and Solutions., Serena Waheed