The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) seeks to support Oxy’s mission by providing experiences that encourage the development of higher order thinking skills through faculty-mentored independent research. Find other student works supported by the URC here.


Submissions from 2009

The Destruction of Paradise: Exploring Toni Morrison?s A Mercy and John Milton?s Paradise Lost , Cassidy Merriam

Submissions from 2006

Oxy-at-arms: A Student's-eye History of Occidental College in Wartime, 1916-1941, Kevin Batton

The infamously heroic William Jennings Bryan, Alex Ramon

Submissions from 2005

America's Game? Major League Baseball's efforts to globalize the game have come at the expense of maintaining a moderate level of African-American interest in the game, Sam Gale

Submissions from 2004

Progress and Problems: Filipino Immigrants to the United States in the 1990s, Eriza Bareng

Submissions from 2001

American Printed Mass Media: A Study of Chinese American Views on U.S.-China Relations, 1989-2000., Anthony Truong