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      I thank Christine Thacker (LACM) for permission to examine P. coronatum, [1]
      I thank Christine Thacker (LACM) for permission to examine specimens.; [1]
      I thank Mr. Bill Powers and Ms. Sandy Dildine for bringing their observations to my attention and Mr. Spencer Salmon for providing the geographic coordinates of the Santa Clemente Island sighting. [1]
      I thank P.A. Hastings, H.J. Walker, J.S. Stephens, and two anonymous reviewers for reading and commenting on early manuscripts describing this work. B.E. Erisman and O. Aburto-Oropeza organized field expeditions that allowed me to conduct these observations and served as dive buddies, along with J. Lund. C. Sanchez and P. Hastings helped in procuring the necessary permits for collecting fishes in Mexico. Funding for expeditions was provided by Instituto Nacional de Ecología (INE), Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza, a Pew Marine Conservation Fellowship awarded to E. Ezcurra, and anonymous donors. Additional funding to support this work was provided by the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation. [1]
      I would like to thank the following for their assistance with this work: Professor-Mag. Christa Reidl-Dorn, Natural History Museum of Vienna; Katrin Jilek, Mag. Austrian National Library; Barbara Bieringer, University of Vienna Archives; Robert Stangl, University of Vienna Botanical Garden; Michael Kiehn, Ao. University of Vienna Professor and Director of the Botanical Garden; Maria Petz-Grabenbauer University of Vienna Botanical Garden; Kuang-chi, Professor, University of Taiwan; Niko Besnier, Professor, University of Amsterdam; Earle Spamer, American Philosophical Society Reference Archivist; Duane King, Professor University of Tulsa; Charles Rhodarmer; Lisa DeCesare, Harvard University; William Tweed, Ph.D.; Gary Hartzell, Ph.D.; Mary Anne Carlton; and Kent Mecham. [1]
      Ibarra-Obando, Silvia E. [1]
      Iercosan, Diana [1]
      Ihara, Mele [1]
      II, Daniel Pondella [1]
      Illas, Edgar [2]
      Im, Suzanne [1]
      In Young Lee [1]
      Inda, Graciela [1]
      Ing, Nicole [1]
      Ingham, Charles H. [1]
      Ingram, Michael [1]
      Ingram, William Marcus [9]
      Ionita, Daniel [1]
      Isaacs, John D. [1]
      Isenberg, Emily [1]