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      Abrams, Le Roy [2]
      Abrams, LeRoy [2]
      Abrams, Max [1]
      Abrego, Marlene [3]
      Aburto-Oropeza, Octavio [1]
      Ackerman, Drew [2]
      Ackermann, Erik [2]
      ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS DNA was sequenced at the HIMB EPSCoR Core Facility, with special thanks to Rajesh Shrestha. The study was funded by the National Science Foundation (Bio-OCE #06-23678), the California Department of Boating and Waterways Agreement (03-106-104), California Sea Grant Rapid-Repsonse Funds (R/F-117PD) and a UCMEXUS Fellowship to FJF. MTC was supported by the HIMB-NWHI Coral Reef Research Partnership (NMSP MOA 2005-008/6682) during the course of this research. [1]
      Acknowledgements We thank the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences within the Schmid College of Science and Technology at Chapman University for funding this project as the laboratory component of the Fall 2011 Ecosystems Ecology course. Kody Cabreros, Lauren Cruz, Jessica Jung, and Elizabeth Malcolm contributed to the field and laboratory aspects of this project. Dr. J. Patrick Megonigal at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center generously provided the static chambers used to measure net ecosystem respiration. The Board of the Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy under the leadership of Dr. Gordon Smith provided access to field sites and valuable insights into the history and ecology of these ecosystems. Comments from 2 anonymous reviewers greatly improved this manuscript. Drs. Jason Keller and Kimberly Takagi were supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (DEB#0816743). [1]
      Acknowledgements I wish to thank Lesley DeFalco and Stephen Vander Wall for commenting on the draft manuscript. I thank the two anonymous reviewers of the manuscript for their helpful suggestions and edits. [1]
      Acknowledgements We thank Shawn Aulby and Phil Friedman for catching and bringing in a specimen for us. We thank Bruce Collette for providing comments on the manuscript. We also thank Camm Swift for information on several catches. [1]
      Acknowledgements We would like to acknowledge Al Ebeling, Milton Love, and Ken C. Jones for their guidance and support throughout this project. Sample collection would not have been possible without the assistance of Mike Gardner, Jon Patterson, Steve Redding, Mark Steele, Red Joiris, Tom Grothues, Mark Barville, Skip Helen, Frank LoPreste, Norm Kagawa, Paul Working, Allyn Watson, Tony Reyes, Merrit McCray, Dan Pondella, Dennis Dunn, James Cvitanovich, Danny Warren, Paul Skaar, Paul Irving, Tim Hovey, Cheryl Baca, Mara Morgan, Carrie Wolfe, Bob Scott, Loretta Roberson, John Smith, Greg Tranah, Craig Campbell, Phyllis Travers, Lisa Wooninck, and Holly Harpham. Ken Jones and Paul Bienvenue were of tremendous assistance with the generation of the microsatellite loci used for this project. We would also like to thank William Krohmer for the safe-keeping of tissue samples after the Northridge earthquake. Financial support was provided by the graduate division of the University of California, Santa Barbara (Doctoral Scholars Fellowship, Graduate Mentorship Program, and Departmental Research Grant to MPF), the Ocean Resources Hatchery and Enhancement Program administered by the California Department of Fish and Game (contract #FG3396MR and #FG3395MR with Jones), the Los Angeles County Fish and Game Commission, Lerner-Grey Marine Fund, the Sport Fishing Association (of New York, Florida, and Washington). [1]
      ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We thank Jamison Miner and Gregory Pongetti for their dedicated assistance and the staff, particularly Jim Harrison, at LSA Associates, Inc., 20 Executive Park, #200, Irvine, CA 92614 for his help. [1]
      Acknowledgements: Monica Bugby, Don Morris, and Lauren Parry are thanked for their assistance in the field recovery of sediments from the Larramendy location. Don Morris is greatly appreciated for his decades of field work and discussions about NCI. We appreciate the tremendous help of Sandy L. Swift in wet sieving sediments, sorting matrix of microfaunal remains, and photography of specimens. Jack McGeehin, Jeff Pigati, and R. Randall Schumann (USGS) were extremely helpful in providing the chronology of the Larramendy deposits. We thank Superintendent Russel Galipeau, Laura Kirn, and other staff of Channel Islands National Park for facilitation of the collecting permit. Thanks is given to John Johnson and Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History administration for many aspects of the project. We thank the Larry D. Agenbroad Legacy Funds for Research at The Mammoth Site for funding this project. Helpful discussions and manuscript reviews were provided by Christopher N. Jass, Amy Henrici, and other anonymous reviewers. [1]
      Acknowledgments Thanks to Patrick Dove, Ricardo Andrés Guzmán and Nora Gardner for their valuable comments on a previous draft. [1]
      Acknowledgments We thank Brandon Doheny, Jacob Eurich, Merit McCrea, Donald Macaskill, Bob Miller, Donna Schroeder, and Chris Teague for their assistance in monitoring the crabs. Steve Escobar supplied the crabs and experimental boxes. Study collaboration and funding were provided by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Environmental Studies Program, Washington, DC under Agreement Number M11AC00008. The opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations in this report are those of the authors, and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. [1]
      ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We are deeply indebted to Dr. Richard Stouthamer for his practical advice and for generously allowing the senior author to work in his lab at U.C. Riverside. Thanks to Curtis Bradley and Scot Chandler for the maps (Figures 1 and 2), and Melissa Schlothan for help with Fig. 3. Many thanks to Dr. Barry Roth for sharing unpublished data on northern Helminthoglypta species. Dr. Larry LaPre and Dr. Michael Vamstead granted permits for collecting on Bureau of Land Management land and Joshua Tree National Park, respectively; thanks as well to Dr. Jann Vendetti for crucial assistance in finishing this project. Dr. Douglas Eernisse, an anonymous reviewer and Dr. Tony Metcalf provided invaluable review criticism. Giar-Ann Kung assisted LHG with the SEM microphotography at LACM, made possible by NSF grant # DBI-0216506. [1]
      Acknowledgments We thank Chris Evelyn, John Moore, Mark Pidcoe, Jovan Shepherd, and Roger Uzun for sharing information and images regarding their observations of S. leucorus. The following researchers reviewed the damselfish key: Don Buth, Craig Campbell, Dario Diehl, Rick Feeney, Robin Gartman, Pete Major, Jim Mann, Mike Mengel, Julianne Passarelli, Terra Petry, Jim Rounds, and Fred Stern. [1]
      Acknowledgments We thank past and present students of fishes at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography whose efforts have led to the incomparable Marine Vertebrate Collection. Paul Dayton provided advice and encouragement, Cynthia Klepadlo provided assistance with collection records, Robert Lea provided helpful comments on species occurrences in the area, Marcia Moreno-Baez prepared Figure 1, and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archives provided images used in Figure 2. This research was supported by California Sea Grant (Grant R/CZ-183) and the Link Family Foundation. [1]
      Acknowledgments We thank Steven Wallace (East Tennessee State University) for his assistance with the morphometric analysis. [1]