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    • Enantioselective Synthesis of (-)-Coniine 

      Cannon, Jeffrey (2006-01-01)
      (-)-Coniine is a toxic six-membered ring alkaloid that is isolated from spotted hemlock. The molecule has been a popular synthetic target for showcasing new methods of enantioselective synthesis. Our own strategy for the ...
    • Enantioselective Synthesis of a Natural Product: Coniine Jeffrey Cannon and Jason Papazian 

      Cannon, Jeffrey; Papazian, Jason (2005-01-01)
      Stereochemistry and enantiopurity are important aspects of biologically active molecules. Our research uses synthetic methods that create and expand upon enantiopurity. Using an enzyme to produce a chiral starting material, ...
    • Total Synthesis of (-)-Coniine 

      Cannon, Jeffrey (2007-01-01)
      We have developed a novel strategy for the enantiospecific synthesis of substituted piperidine structures. Molecules containing the piperidine motif exhibit a wide array of interesting biological activities. Coniine and ...