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    • Planktonic Phases of Symbiotic Copepods: a Review 

      Ohtsuka, Susumu; Madinabeitia, Ione; Yamashita, Hirofumi; Maran, B. A. Venmathi; Suárez-Morales, Eduardo; Ho, Ju-shey
      In symbiotic copepods, most naupliar stages are typically planktonic, playing a primary role in dispersal, while the first copepodid usually represents the infective stage. Later copepodid stages, including adults, are ...
    • Some Observations of Morphology and Behavior of a Hyperbenthic Misophrioid Copepod 

      Ohtsuka, Susumu; Tanaka, Hayato; Hirano, Katsuto; Kondo, Yusuke; Jaume, Damia; Boxshall, Geoffrey A.
      The locomotion, feeding, excretion, and oviposition of a member of the copepod family Misophriidae were observed based on a live specimen collected from a sandy bottom at a depth of 52 m off Nagannu Island, Okinawa, Japan. ...