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    • Monstrilloid Copepods: the Best of Three Worlds 

      Suárez-Morales, Eduardo
      Monstrilloids are one of the most intriguing groups of copepods. Their complex life cycle represents the successful evolutionary outcome of dealing with three distinct kinds of habitat, viz., planktonic, benthic, and ...
    • Planktonic Phases of Symbiotic Copepods: a Review 

      Ohtsuka, Susumu; Madinabeitia, Ione; Yamashita, Hirofumi; Maran, B. A. Venmathi; Suárez-Morales, Eduardo; Ho, Ju-shey
      In symbiotic copepods, most naupliar stages are typically planktonic, playing a primary role in dispersal, while the first copepodid usually represents the infective stage. Later copepodid stages, including adults, are ...