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    • Additional Notes on Erinnyis ello L. (Lepidoptera ; Sphingidae) 

      Comstock, John Adams
      In the "Bulletin" for Sept.-Dec, 1938 (Vol. 37 , pp. 105-110) the author, writing in association with Commander Dammers, described the life history of Erinnyis ello L. Therein we recorded two rather distinct color forms ...
    • Additional Notes on the Persistence of Trypanosoma cruzi in Dead Insect Vectors 

      Wood, Sherwin F.
      For many years the causative agent of Chagas' disease has been found commonly in many individuals of known insect vectors, less abundantly in mammalian reservoirs and least commonly in man. This contribution brings together ...
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      Unknown author
    • Mature Larva of Graptolitha longior Sm. 

      Comstock, John Adams; Henne, Christopher
      During a collecting trip in Smokey Valley, Tulare County, Calif., on June 19th of this year, at an elevation of 6200 ft., the junior author secured two larvae, feeding on Juniperus utahensis Engelm., one of which was reared ...
    • Northwest American Species of Glycimeris 

      Willett, G.
      There appears to be considerable confusion among west coast shell collectors regarding the names of local species of the genus Glycimeris. During a current study of Pleistocene mollusks, among which was a considerable ...
    • The Life History of Polites sabuleti Bdv. 

      Dethier, V. G.
      Like many other members of the genus the larvae of Polites sobuleti Bdv. exhibit a characteristic color design on the head by which they may be readily recognized. No complete records of the immature stages of this skipper ...