Cognitive Science is the science of the mind. Drawing on the fields of mathematics, philosophy, psychology, neurobiology, computer science and linguistics, Cognitive Science studies the nature of consciousness, the interaction of mind and matter, and the relationship between thought and language. Cognitive Science addresses long-standing questions about the nature of thought, intelligence, perception, emotion, and other aspects of our mental life by employing the methodologies of the contributing disciplines mentioned above, including philosophical reflection and argument, experimental psychology, the modeling of intelligence with machines, and the investigation of the biological basis of cognition.

The Cognitive Science Program includes courses in biology, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, and psychology, as well as introductory and advanced courses in Cognitive Science. The Cognitive Science major has three parts: first, a basic course requirement which introduces the student to the field and its contributing subfields, and second, an emphasis requirement where students begin to focus on the aspect of cognitive science which interests them most. Finally, students complete a senior comprehensive project within their cognitive science emphasis. -- Occidental College Course Catalog


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