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Spring 2011


This paper explores how three major European nation-states, France, Germany, and the UK, are negotiating financial reform in the wake of the most recent financial crisis. France, Germany, and the UK were affected differently by the 2009 financial crisis, in some ways vary- ing the degrees to which they are willing to negotiate further financial regulation. Also because of these differences financial reform resonates differently with each states’ polities. Drawing on statements by finance ministers and heads of state, as well as IMF data measuring the effects of the latest crisis on each national economy, this paper seeks to identify opportunities for consen- sus amongst the three major actors. The characteristics and outcome of negotiations by these states have the potential to greatly influence the future of financial regulation not only within the EU, but also abroad. On the other hand, promising opportunities for consensus lie in potentially negotiating within the European Union and establishing methods to reduce the costs of market failure in the financial sector.