The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) seeks to support Oxy’s mission by providing experiences that encourage the development of higher order thinking skills through faculty-mentored independent research. Find other student works supported by the URC here.


Submissions from 2013

Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Discussion of Human Rights, Sarah Doyel

Submissions from 2012

Rhetoric or Reality?: The Integration of Women’s Issues into 21st Century US Foreign Policy, Jessie Durrett

Submissions from 2011

Contested spaces: Narrating Claims to the Mosque-Cathedral of C?rdoba against the Specter of the Moor, MaX Horten

China in Africa: South-South Camaraderie or Exploitation, Elizabeth Kennedy

The Chinese Brand: Soft Power with Chinese Characteristics, Nicholas Young

Submissions from 2010

Oh My God, They Killed the International Order: Popular Culture and International Relations, Ben Kaufman

Scandinavia and the Success of Socialism, Daniel Rosales

Submissions from 2009

Legalizing the War on Terror: Obama's Struggle to Strike the Balance Between Imperial and Imperiled, Natalie Crolius

Submissions from 2008

Researching Non-Governmental Strategies for Male Sex Workers' Empowerment in Northern Thailand, Simona-Gabriela Gavrila

Is Eurasianism the Ideological Engine of Russian Foreign Policy? The Case of Central Asia, Ivelina Georgieva

La Carpio: Economic and Social Reality of a Nicaraguan Immigrant Community in Costa Rica, Emma Keough

Kidnappings, Missiles, and Nukes!: Outlooks and recommendations for the next President to make sure our strongest ally in East Asia...stays our strongest ally., Mathew Mikuni

The Rise of a New Revolution: Coffee Cooperatives in Nicaragua and the Spirit of Sandino, Claire O'Connell

Land for the Common Good: Nationalism, Democracy, and Land in Edinburgh Scotland, Jackie Salazar

Submissions from 2007

Outsourcing the War on Drugs: The Emerging Role of Private Security Firms in Colombia, Brian Damron

Massive Online Multiplayer Gaming in China (A Participant Observation Study): An Overlooked Forum for Political Discussion?, Spencer Jemelka

Prioritizing the Middle East, Galen Smith

Submissions from 2006

The Peaceful Fight for the Right: The Transnational NGO Effort for Education in Nicaragua, Sara Jean Buffie

Russian Immigrant Artists? Success as a Function of the Relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union, Josephine Kalika

Perceptions of Healing & Justice in Sierra Leone, Nikolai Schweingruber

Comrades, Almost a Love Story: The economics of finding a queer space for tongzhi., George Simpson

The Downing Street Memo: The importance of British leaks and intelligence during the war on Iraq, Emily Springhart

Submissions from 2005

The Expansion of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and Russian Foreign Policy, Eriks Berzins

Defense Capabilities for the European Union, Stephen Bunnell

The Moral Economy of the Care Labor, YoungYee Cho

China in the Global Economy: Market Socialism and its Pitfalls, Timothy DeGraw

Reflections on Historical Racial Unrest in South Los Angeles and Contemporary Turmoil at Jefferson High School Nidia Garcia, Sergio Hernandez, and Natalie Simon , Nidia Garcia and Sergio Hernandez

BULGARIA?S EUROPEAN INTEGRATION A Crucial Factor for Stabilization and Sustained Growth, Asen Hristov

From Rhetoric to Action: How Tony Blair is Leading the Way to Make Poverty History in Africa, Ashley Luth

The Constitution for the European Union, Galen Smith

10,000 Specks of Light: Can Microgrants Promote Volunteerism and NGO Development in Urban China?, Stephan van der Mersch

Submissions from 2004

Healing a Nation, Is Truth Effective? A Comparative Look at South Africa and Argentina's Truth Commissions, Jessie Evans

The Economic and Social Implicationsof Women?s Education in India, Ashley Luth

Civil and Political Freedoms in Israel., Dana Muckler

Civil and Political Freedoms in Israel., Dana Muckler

Russia's Impact on Eastern European Transition, Maria Stoyadinova

Submissions from 2003

The Study of Religious Freedoms in Russia, Kyle Ballard

The Study of Religious Freedoms in Russia, Kyle Ballard

Increased Restitution Claimsand the Asian Art Market in London, Margaret Stutt

Submissions from 2002

National Environmental Career Conference, Kim Foulds

The Evolvement of Indigenous Movements in Ecuador from Passive Political Figures to being on the Forefronts of Political Activism, Headed by the CONAIE, Josefina Gallardo

Macro-economic Impact of HIV/AIDS in South Africa, Henrik Kuhl

The Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan:a Multilevel Model of Deadly Hatred, Vladimir Milev

Submissions from 2001

The Israeli Female Soldier: An Analysis of the Role of Women in the Israeli Defense Force and the Implications for Israeli Society, Sarah Chankin-Gould

National Environmental Career Conference, Kim Foulds

Russian political influence in the development of the peace process in Kosovo., Drenusha Kusari

Submissions from 2000

Non-Governmental Organizations and AIDS Orphans in Nairobi and Kampala., Jessica M. Franz

Rape, a war crime: The case of Burma., Elizabeth Goings

Women in Armed Conflict: The Story of Kosovo, Bianca Karim

The Role of the Outside World in the Economic Development of Post-Communist States: The Russian Case., Luiza Stepanian

Sikh Women: Discourses of Religion, Politics, and Social Activism., Ravneet Tiwana

The Nature and Future of European Security Integration., Matthew Tompkins

Submissions from 1999

Catalonia in Post-Franco Spain: Autonomy, Identity and Language-Based Nationalism., Alexander Y. Hartman

The Fight for Khalistan: Sikh Separatism in Punjab, India from 1984-1999., Bianca Karim

European Defense Integration:The Search for Common Ground., Matthew Tompkins

Reform and Anti-Reform Trends in Russian Politics in 1996-1997, Michael Voronenko