The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) seeks to support Oxy’s mission by providing experiences that encourage the development of higher order thinking skills through faculty-mentored independent research. Find other student works supported by the URC here.


Submissions from 2012

Corruption and Capital: the effect of corruption on foreign investment, Megan Lang

Submissions from 2011

The Impact of Physical Education on Student Outcomes: A Review of Research in Economics, Education, Kinesiology, and Psychology, Alexander LaRose

The High Cost of Driving, Olga Ramos

Submissions from 2010

Financial Fiasco, Stephanie Babij

The Persistence of Colonial Institutions in the Modern Economy: An Application of North?s Model of Institutions and Institutional Change to the Fiscal Structures in Argentina and Chile, Laura Bowen

Hispanic Entrepreneurship, Sharen Cervantes

The Clean Water Act and its Implications for California Coastal Waters, Eliza Dornbush

The High Cost of Driving, Christine Jones

Submissions from 2009

Wet Cleaning: The Adoption of New Technology in California Dry Cleaning, Karuna Batcha

The Great Disconnect: Laws versus Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in China, Jordan Kortlandt

Measuring the Effects of ?Teach for America' Teachers on Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Sherlynn Meacham

Analysis of the Mechanics of Internet Advertising, Alexander Salter

Profit from (and with) Your Neighbor: The Case of a German Credit Cooperative, Victor Sowers

What makes a Mexican-American entrepreneur successful?, Joseph Wyer

Submissions from 2008

What is Holding Back Mexican Immigrant Entrepreneurs?, Javier Avalos

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Environmental Innovation: An Examination of Dry Cleaning Businesses in California, Wynne McAuley

The Clean Water Act and California's Coast: An Economic Analysis, Christopher Norman

Submissions from 2007

Probit Model for Trans-State Theatre-Ticket Sales, Andrew Blythe

Submissions from 2006

A Cost Benefit Analysis of Market Based School Reform, Troy Palme

Submissions from 2005

Fan Attendance in Major League Baseball, Lyndsey Allison

Swiss Banking: Reserve Fund and Regulation, Jonathan Brogaard

Whose music is it: re-examining copyright in a cut-and-paste world, Seth Chapman

The End of the Hukou System in China and its Implications for Rural-Urban Migration Carl Edwards and Rohan Shah , Carl Edwards and Rohan Shah

The Economics of Liberal Arts Education, Mai Hoang

Power Games In Early China From Game Theoretical Perspectives, Phuong Minh Thi Nguyen

Poverty Reduction, Power Struggles, and the Issue of Commitment, Rayna Paunova

Submissions from 2004

The Crimes of Tobacco, Mario Dominguez

The Currency Board in Bulgaria: Is It the Best Solution?, Rayna Paunova

CEO Compensation and the Tournament Theory: An Empirical Analysis of Recent Data., Galina Vlaeva

Submissions from 2003

Understanding the Causes and Effects of Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries, Justin Bird

Germany on the Road to Reform, Nikolay Filchev

Submissions from 2002

Economic Growth in East Asia After the Financial Crisis: Prospects for Taiwan, Malaysia, and South Korea, Francis Bae

Benefits and Costs of European Union Enlargement: Should Central and Eastern European CountriesJoin the EU?, Ivanka Dimitrova

Submissions from 2000

Baseball Economics: An Economic Analysis of the Present Situation in the Major League Baseball Players Market, Kristy Felker