Occidental’s writing courses instruct students in the elements of expository prose, the rhetorical processes and strategies used by successful writers, the psycho-social principles that underlie the act of composing, and the contribution of writing to learning. Course work explores the structure of exposition and develops critical interpretations of texts. All courses require a substantial amount of critical reading, writing, and revision. All classes provide considerable guidance in the writing process and extensive feedback on papers: through student-professor and student-student conferences.

Since not everyone writes the same way, and not all writing tasks have the same requirements, diverse approaches to writing are emphasized in the course work: imitation of models, paradigmatic schemes, and behavioral strategies. Course content draws from the related fields of cultural studies, cognitive and social psychology, rhetoric, literature, and linguistics. English Writing classes present effective writing and close reading as complementary, enabling behaviors developed throughout the college years, and as the foundation of life-long learning. -- Occidental College Course Catalog


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