The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) seeks to support Oxy’s mission by providing experiences that encourage the development of higher order thinking skills through faculty-mentored independent research. Find other student works supported by the URC here.


Submissions from 2011

Improved Simulation of Lava Flow Cooling Supports Hypothesis of Rapid Transitional Geomagnetic Field Change, Lydia Harmon

Submissions from 2010

The Effects of Sea Level Rise on Ecosystem Productivity, Microbial Populations, and Soil pH along the California Coast, Alexandra Forman

Using GIS to find Evidence for the Collapse of the Mesozoic West Antarctic Plateau, Stephanie Kay

Miocene Basalts from Joshua Tree Show Fault Block Rotation, Victoria Rutledge

Submissions from 2009

Timing the opening of the Queen Charlotte basin, British Columbia, with Apatite Fission Track Thermochronology, Meilani Bowman-Kamaha'o

Apatite fission-track evidence for post-collisional exhumation of the Tauern Window, Austrian Alps, Elizabeth Brown

GIS analysis of cumulative impact indicators in Los Angeles County: regulatory agency vs. community residents, Alexandra Forman

Submissions from 2008

Who bears the burden of earthquakes in California and how has this changed from 1990 to 2000?, Stephanie Kay

Magnetic Stratigraphy of The Madre de Dios Formation (Miocene-Pliocene) in the Peruvian Amazon Basin, Nadia Rivera

Complex magnetization of a 15.6 my old transitionally-magnetized lava flow: geomagnetic field change during cooling or lightning-induced remagnetization?, Zachary Spahn

Submissions from 2007

Exhumation history of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains from zircon fission track thermochronometry, Elise Colasurdo

The Special Relationship: U.S./U.K. Relations since 1900, Matthew Hunter

Submissions from 2006

Lateral Variation in Rock Magnetic Properties and Natural Remanence in a 15 my old Lava Flow, Sheep Creek Range, North Central Nevada , Andrea Cole

Submissions from 2005

Rapid Field Change in a Single Lava Flow, Andrea Cole

Effects of Pollution Hotspots, Education and Income on Birthweight in California, Shane Gillispie

Is Australia the United States' "Deputy Sheriff?", Jeffrey Jackson

Submissions from 2004

Effects of Plate Boundary Variations on Elevation, Coast Mountains, British Columbia, Shane Gillispie

Paleomagnetism Tectonic Rotation of the MIOCENE OBISPO Formation, Western Santa Barbara County, CA., Andrew Leavitt

Rapid Variation of the Geomagnetic Field in Reversal: Evidence from the Sheep Creek Range, North-Central Nevada, Brian McGrane

Submissions from 2003

Rapid Variation of Field Strength during a Geomagnetic Polarity Reversal, Paula Dold

Paleomagnetism of the Miocene Tung Gur Formation, Mongolia, with a review of the Extinct Mustelid Sthenictis , Jingmai O'Connor

Geothermal Research in Iceland: Implications and Applications to the United States, Shauna Riedel-Bash

Magnetic Stratigraphy of the Miocene Round Mountain Silt and Olcese Sand, Bakersfield, California, Francisco Sanchez

Submissions from 2002

Evidence from the Sheep Creek Range [Nevada] of a Very Rapid Field Change during a Geomagnetic Polarity Reversal, Phuong Kim Chau

Submissions from 2001

Preliminary Paleomagnetic Results from Early Tertiary Plutons of the British Columbia Coast Ranges, Mt. Waddington Area., Cesar Larios

Submissions from 2000

Petrology, Mineralogy and Petrography of a Type II-III Carbonaceous Chondrite., Wesley Mathews

Submissions from 1999

Geomorphology of Mugu Lagoon 1857 to Present, Ventura County, California, Karen Dodson

Magneto Stratigraphy of the Coaledo Formation, Coos Bay, Oregon., Linda L. Donohoo

Magnetic Stratigraphy of the Upper Miocene Montesano Formation, Olympic Peninsula of Washington: Implications for Miocene Molluscan Biostratigraphy, Jordan N. Lau

Paleocene Silverado Formation, Orange County, California, Ruben A. Lopez

Magnetic Stratigraphy and Tectonic Rotation of the Lower Miocene Rincon Shale (Saucesian Foraminiferal Stage), Santa Barbara County, California, Stacey Rapp

Submissions from 1998

Paleomagnetism and Deformation of the Quottoon Pluton, British Columbia, Karen E. Dodson

Magnetostratigraphy of the Lower Miocene Sespe-Vaqueros Formations, Santa Ana Mountains, Orange County, California L.L. Donohoo , L. L. Donohoo

Magnetic Stratigraphy of the Eocene-Oligocene Transition in Northwestern Oregon, Karina G. Hankins

Paleointensities of Late Miocene Intrusions from Paiute Ridge, Nevada, Eric Libicki