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dc.contributor.advisorLacerda A. H.
dc.contributor.advisorSchmiedeshoff, George M.
dc.contributor.authorRomond, Rachel
dc.description.abstractWe investigated the behavior of a new material, GdAISi in a magnetic field. Previously, the only measurements of this material had been done in zero magnetic field. Using a 20 Tesla superconducting magnet with a liquid helium cryogenic system, we measured the transverse magnetoresistance of a sample of GdA1Si as a function of temperature at various magnetic fields, ranging from 0 Tesla to 18 Tesla. In addition, we measured the resistance of the sample as a function of magnetic field at various temperatures, ranging from 2 Kelvin to 35 Kelvin. According to the previous zero-field measurements, the material exhibited a magnetic transition at around 32 Kelvin. However, our experiments in a magnetic field showed two transitions, with the temperature separation between them increasing proportional to magnetic field. As of the time of writing, further experimentation is needed to clarify the nature of the magnetic field-induced transition. Nevertheless, this experiment has given me an opportunity to see the observable effects of the ideas which I have been studying in school and at the Lab.
dc.titleLow Temperature, High Magnetic Field Measurements of GdAISi

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