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dc.contributor.advisorHightower, Adrian
dc.contributor.authorTimmins, Colleen
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this project was to design and construct a functional robot, capable of competing in a competition. My robot, christened ?Mars Lift? is a model of a Space Elevator ? a new engineering concept, which will provide humankind with a more economical way of reaching Space. The robot is capable of climbing up a thin polyurethane ribbon, stopping at the top for five seconds and then descending the ribbon, with one more five second stop sometime during the decent. The robot was constructed over a six-month period. I was responsible for researching the concept of the Space elevator and coming up with a feasible design for my model. Once Basic construction of the robot was complete I entered the testing and computer-programming phase of the project and in June I attended ROBOGAMES, an International Robotics competition held in San Francisco. The experience of the competition was amazing, for I was able to see first hand what private individuals are doing in the robotics-engineering field. I chose to get involved with robotics because it is a cutting edge field that has the potential to alter the very fabric of our daily lives. In the years to come, the role that robots will play in our lives will become increasingly important. It will be essential that people have at least a basic knowledge of the power and applications these machines will have.
dc.titleBuilding a Working Robot

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