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dc.contributor.advisorSnowden-Ifft, Daniel
dc.contributor.authorPetkov, Atanas
dc.description.abstractOne of the greatest mysteries in physics today is the question of the existence and nature of the so-called ?dark matter? that constitutes about 99% of the mass of the universe. DRIFT is a unique detector that uses a negative ion TPC to search for dark matter. As of now, DRIFT has been running and collecting data for two years in the Boulby mine in England. We have recently analyzed the first set of data from DRIFT using a series of programs written in two programming languages ? C and R (otherwise known as S). The results have been consistent with the theoretical predictions with an error turn of less than 10%. We have been working on improving the analysis software. The programs were modified and improved to work better for the new DRIFT II detector and to achieve more accurate results. Some of the modifications involve using automated Fe55 calibration to adjust the dark matter to Fe55 data, whose energy we already know. Another program improvement makes it easier to change the analysis parameters ? they are entered only in one input file and the changes reflect the whole analysis code. Some important changes have been made in the way the data is analyzed and classified when dealing with pre-ionization. Currently the new software is still in the process of testing and modifying, but we are getting ready to analyze the DRIFT data with it and hopefully achieve better results.
dc.description.sponsorshipFord Research Fellowship
dc.titleNew Data Analysis Softwarefor the DRIFT Dark Matter Detector

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