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dc.contributor.advisorEggleston, Dennis
dc.contributor.authorRebassoo, Finn
dc.description.abstractAlthough applied asymmetries have been shown to cause radial transport in non-neutral plasma, there is still a discrepancy between theoretical and experimental results. In asymmetry-induced transport theory the major contributions to the radial flux are a diffusive term, a mobility term, and a resonant particle factor, each of which has a complicated dependence on r , the radius. In order to better understand the discrepancy between theory and experiment we have attempted to isolate the diffusive contribution. Both the mobility term and the resonant particle factor contain the expression w- l wR, where w is the asymmetry frequency, wR is the E x B rotation frequency, and l is the azimuthal mode (in our case 1). By setting w equal to wR, theoretically the mobility term should disappear and the resonant particle factor should become unity, isolating the diffusive term. A subsequent plot of the radial flux versus the density gradient sn should give a linear curve through the origin. Our experimental results, however, do not show this. We are currently examining explanations for this deviation, including possible variations in the radial temperature, which has previously been assumed to be constant.
dc.description.sponsorshipNational Science Foundation-Award for the Integration of Research in Education Fellowship
dc.titleIsolating Diffusive Effectsin Asymmetry-Induced Transport.

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