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dc.contributor.advisorSchmiedeshoff, George M.
dc.contributor.authorDeBoer, Charles
dc.description.abstractLuNi2B2C is a type II superconductor with a critical temperature, Tc, of about 16K. The irreversibility line, Hirr, of LuNi2B2C was measured with the magnetic field both perpendicular and parallel to the c-axis of the crystalline sample. Hirr was measured using a cantilever magnetometer. We found a 10% anisotropy in Hirr between the two orientations. At 6K the Hirr was approximately 31% smaller than the critical field at the perpendicular setting and 16% smaller in the parallel alignment. These differences are temperature dependant. The fact that the Hirr is much smaller than the Hc2 is surprising because samples with low critical temperatures usually have Hirr about the same as the Hc2. Future experimentation will focus on this discrepancy.
dc.titleThe Irreversibility Line of LuNi2B2C

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