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dc.contributorThis project would have not been possible without the effort and support of all our dive buddies who braved the cold to help us search for many hours for the “needle in the haystack”. Mike Franklin, Richard Yan, Milton Love, and Mark Steele provided advice and guidance throughout the project. Edward DeMartini provided invaluable comments on an earlier draft of this paper. This research was supported by PADI, the International Women's Fishing Association, Nearshore Marine Fish Research Program, and the Office of Graduate Studies at CSUN. Specimens were collected by authorizations granted by Scientific Collecting Permits #13028 and #00032.
dc.contributor.authorBenseman, Stephanie A.
dc.contributor.authorCouffer, Michael C.
dc.contributor.authorAllen, Larry G.
dc.description.abstractWe made extensive observations in the shallows off sandy beaches along the southern California coastline from 2013-2018 using SCUBA. The common diurnal behavior of young-of-the-year (YOY) of giant sea bass (Stereolepis gigas) were documented, in detail, and categorized the while they occupy their unique nursery areas. We identified and described the frequently observed behaviors referred to as 1) “kelping”, 2) “resting”, 3) “traveling”, and 4) “burying”. Finally, through direct observation, mysid shrimp were confirmed as the primary diet of young-of-the-year of the giant sea bass off southern California. This is the first study to provide a behavioral overview of the YOY of this internationally listed, endangered species, and it bridges important gaps in our understanding of their early life history.
dc.subjectGiant Sea Bass
dc.subjectnursery areas
dc.subjectendangered species
dc.titleBehavior of Young-of-the-Year of Giant Sea Bass, Stereolepis gigas, off the sandy beaches of Southern California
dc.title.alternativeBehavior of YOY Giant Sea Bass
dc.source.journaltitleScas: Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences

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