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dc.contributor.advisorCaldwell, Larry|Dreier, Peter
dc.contributor.authorOswald, Casper
dc.description.abstractMy research for the five-week period that I was on campus had two parts. The first was a study of the politics of the Iran-Iraq War. Topics covered included: demographics of Iran/Iraq, the Kurdish dimension of the war, the military conflict itself, Persian gulf politics, events preceding the war, and the involvement of the west and the cold war East-West axis in the war. The second part of the project was a media study of the print media coverage of the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s in three mass circulation weekly periodicals. The study tried to determine if there was a particular "media frame" that coverage of the war played into. Essentially, a random sample of articles was categorized into topical areas to determine which types of articles were used to cover the war.
dc.description.sponsorshipSupport provided by:Politics Department Fellowship
dc.titleA Study of the Political Dynamics of the Iran-Iraq War/ A Study of the the Media Coverage of the Iran-Iraq War.

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