Recent Submissions

  • Food for Thought Series: David Griswald and Libby Evans from Sustainable Harvest Coffee Model 

    Agora Project (2010-04-13)
    As part of the ongoing Food for Thought speaker series, David Griswold and Libby Evans return to their alma mater to discuss their work at Sustainable Harvest, the Relationship Coffee Model, and the challenges facing global ...
  • Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne: United States Policy in Afghanistan 

    Agora Project (2010-02-17)
    Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne comes to Occidental College to speak about United States Policy in Afghanistan. Ambassador Wayne is the Coordinating Director of Development Assistance & Economic Affairs in the United States ...
  • Tony Barnstone 

    Agora Project (2010-02-04)
    Tony Barnstone, poet, translator, and Professor of English at Whittier College, reads selections from his translations and original work
  • Oxy in Rwanda 

    Agora Project (2010-10-27)
    Occidental students Anahid Yahjian, Julia Bleckner,Nelson Melgar, Sky Mangin, Amy McDonough and Stephi Chin share their experiences from Rwanda.
  • Benjamin Cairns 

    Agora Project (2010-10-13)
  • Gordon MacInnes 

    Agora Project (2010-04-12)
    Gordon A. MacInnes has devoted four decades to government service and leadership on issues related to education, poverty, and urban living. Prior to becoming a fellow at The Century Foundation, he served from 2002 to April ...
  • Immigration Issues and Arizona's New Law: Jack Chin and Frank Contreras 

    Agora Project (2010-11-09)
    On Tuesday, November 9, two guest speakers spoke on campus about immigration issues and Arizona's new controversial law as part of the First Tuesday Speaker Series. Our guests are Dr. Jack Chin from the University of Arizona ...
  • Last Lecture Series: Psychology Prof. Andrew Shtulman 

    Agora Project (2010-10-01)
    Why do people vary in their beliefs about what is possible, what is plausible, and what is true? Drawing on a decade of research, Psychology Prof. Andrew Shtulman will discuss how two particular patterns of reasoning, modal ...
  • Christopher Scherer: The Intersection Between Immigration, Human Rights, and Constitutional Law 

    Agora Project (2010-10-01)
    Christopher Scherer comes to speak at Professor Gonzalez's Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: First Amendment class.
  • Italian Philosopher Roberto Esposito 

    Agora Project (2010-10-01)
    Italian Philosopher Roberto Esposito is the author of such works as Communitas and Bios: Biopolitics and Philosophy.