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dc.contributor.authorCech, Sharon
dc.identifier.citationCech, S. (2010, September). California network of regional food hubs: A vision statement and strategic implementation. Retrieved November 11, 2011, from
dc.description.abstractThis paper outlines a vision and implementation plan for an improved regional wholesale marketing system that addresses the major barriers and risks that limit small family farmers’ ability to bring good food to market and, in turn, provide consumers and communities with access to good food.The vision presented in this paper is of a new statewide organization that networks regional food aggregators and distributors into a system that expands marketing opportunities, reduces risk, and increases access to good food—a network of Regional Food Hubs.T
dc.subjectsupply chain, regional food hub, buy local, local sourcing, farmer, distribution
dc.titleCalifornia Network of Regional Food Hubs

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