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dc.contributor.authorMisako, Andrea
dc.description.abstractBeginning in January 2006, the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute at Occidental College undertook a community, economic, and environmental assessment of the Los Angeles State Historic Park and Río de Los Angeles State Park, also known as the Cornfield and Taylor Yard, respectively. The purpose of this report is threefold: to review the literature that evaluates the benefits of urban parks; to profile the areas surrounding the parks and survey community members and institutional representatives from schools, community-based organizations, and government agencies, as to the potential uses and benefits associated with the development and use of the two parks; and to provide a series of recommendations, based on the community needs assessment and literature review, regarding policies and programs that could enhance community benefits for California State Parks (CSP) and the California Coastal Conservancy.
dc.titleConneting the Parks to the Community and the Community to the Parks

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