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dc.contributor.advisorGriffin, Elmer
dc.contributor.authorBaptiste, Nathan
dc.description.abstractPeople from all walks of life, whether materially stable or lacking, face mentalities of self-dissatisfaction, hopelessness, and other self-destructive attitudes. As nonprofit organizations serve people, no matter how much material aid an organization provides, a neglect of internal, value-oriented initiative within the people leaves individuals with no greater sense of self-empowerment than before the organizations arrived in the first place. Self-empowerment, as I refer to the term, is the ability of the individual to cultivate an inward sense of self-love, self-determination and self-belief in one?s own capabilities that is fundamentally self-reliant in achieving one?s goals for a personally fulfilling livelihood. The purpose of my research is to study and evaluate the values of service organizations in their ability to stimulate a sense of self-empowerment in participating individuals. In order to determine the common values emphasized by nonprofit organizations for self-empowerment, I chose two organizations, ?CleanSlate? and ?African Community Resource Center,? to gather first-hand participant feedback to assess the impacts of organizational values on individuals. My theory is that certain basic underlying values may commonly exist within the framework of nonprofit social services that have the potential to empower participating individuals to achieve their goals. I believe that the values ingrained in the programs of service organizations act as primary catalysts for internalizing self-empowerment in participants to thereby develop more self-fulfilling livelihoods.
dc.description.sponsorshipSupport provided by:Lilly Foundation Values and Vocations Fellowship
dc.titleNonprofit Organizations & Values of Self-Empowerment: Helping People Create their own Fulfillment in Life

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