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dc.contributor.advisorLin, Jan
dc.contributor.authorChan, Angela
dc.description.abstractI will be studying ethnic solidarity and ethnic conflict among the Chinese restaurant community in London's Chinatown in order to test the applicability of my global enclave model, which was developed from my 1999 study of the Chinese community in Monterey Park, Calif.I am seeking to better understand the consequences of economic and/or spatial segregation of the Chinese immigrant community.This comparative analysis will contribute to any generalizations that can be made about Chinese enclaves in difference societies.It is important to study immigrant enclaves in order to gain a better understanding of the Chinese Diaspora, the Chinese immigrant experience in adopted countries, and the effect of globalization on ethnic enclaves.London is an ideal location to reexamine my model because it has the largest Chinese community in Britain and because Britain's post-colonial relations with Hong Kong have stimulated Chinese immigration to Britain.
dc.description.sponsorshipPaul K. and Evelyn E. Cook Richter Fellowship
dc.titleEthnic Solidarity and Ethnic Conflict: A Test of the Global Enclave Model

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