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dc.contributor.advisorAzuma, Andrea Misako
dc.contributor.authorGoldsmith, Leah
dc.description.abstractLow income neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color and immigrants often have unjust access to grocery stores and fresh, healthy foods in Los Angeles. Many of these communities have fewer or no full service grocery stores, more fast food and liquor stores, and residents must travel farther for fresh, healthy foods. Community members working together to increase the availability of affordable, healthy foods in their community have the potential to make lasting changes in the environment and in health outcomes. Community Action on Food Environments, or Project CAFE, has been working with various community groups and community members to build awareness and understanding of disparities in food access and creating viable solutions. Project CAFE has also been working to inform community members where fresh foods are already available in their neighborhoods. The Los Angeles Fresh Food Access Guide is a guide to inform residents, especially in low-income neighborhoods, of fresh foodresources in or near their neighborhood such as farmers? markets and community gardens. The original guide was published in 2002 and widely distributed through out Los Angeles, and it is currently being updated for a lower literacy audience. To complete the revision of the guide, research was conducted on how to use language and formatting to make information easy to understand. In addition to up-to-date information about food resources in LA, the revised guide will have new content focusing on the linkages between food and health to further Project CAFE?s work on fresh food access in Los Angeles.
dc.description.sponsorshipNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/Healthy Food, Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities
dc.titleUpdating a fresh food access guide for a low literacy audience

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