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dc.contributor.advisorDreier, Peter
dc.contributor.authorSmith, Brandon
dc.description.abstractWhat is the Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing (SCANPH)? Is it just another non-profit organization that simply fights for the disadvantaged? Does the organization really help improve society? How well does this organization operate and what makes it unique? The Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing is a non-profit organization that works to improve societal conditions for the populous of poor and disadvantaged in Southern California. Like many non-profit organizations, SCANPH has a mission statement. SCANPH?s mission is ?dedicated to the production, preservation and management of permanently affordable housing for low-income people and believes that the best vehicle to achieve this is through non-profit development organizations. Although, SCANPH may appear to be a typical, average, everyday non-profit, it really is an exceptional organization, of which I interned, that is uniquely run and operated.
dc.description.sponsorshipAnderson Politics Fellowship
dc.titleThe Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing: Effective or Ineffective, An Interns Evaluation

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