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dc.contributor.advisorLyke, Linda
dc.contributor.authorJuarez, Luis 0:00
dc.description.abstractSix 4'x4' paintings of clouds in various color schemes would be constructed and displayed as a single painting representing my heaven, as a large skyscape painting. The top there paintings would consist of Death, Depression, and Anger. The Death portion would be just black and white. The Depression sections will be painted the way the sky looks on a rainy day. The last section, Anger, will be painted in red, black, and little bit of orange and yellow. The bottom row will be the turning point in my life or the joy and peace of my life. The first one is love, which will be painted with white and reds.The middle on will be Happiness, which will be painted in yellow and white and finally Peace, which will look like a peaceful, calm sky.
dc.titleSix Skyscape Paintings as a Representation of Struggles and Emotions

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